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  • Website design and SEO (search engine optimization) should go hand in hand. Your website design has to honor your brand and serve your ideal client first.
  • It's a form follows function situation that should be dictated by your business model, not just what keywords you want to get found for in your SEO campaign.
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  • Frank Say, owner of in Pittsburgh, is a national provider of addiction intervention services. It is through Franks efforts that we are able to keep a laser focus on the needs of the folks who need his therapeutic offerings.We're proud to provide site design, hosting, and promotional strategies for this noble endeavor. Congratulations to Mr. Frank Say on making a real difference in the lives of those who need his professional recovery services. ...
  • Long time client Jerry Jenkins, owner of Lakeview Sales in Azle, Texas works closely with us to keep us abreast of shifts in the packaging industry that effect his target market. When dimensional weight pricing happened in the shipping industry, we had already adjusted our promotional strategies to allow Lakeview Sales to capitalize on an emerging market niche.Our hats are off to Jerry Jenkins for his vigilant efforts that allow him to be a key player in the sh...
  • We've been doing business with Robin Chimniak since 1997 and have worked with her firm through changing times while adapting new opportunities as they presented themselves. When we built her first site social media was not yet part of the mix, but we were ahead of the game with regard to search marketing.

    We salute CCRV on their long-standing position as one of Chicago's premier court reporting firms.

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    Website Interaction with your Prospective Client

    Does your website interact well with your ideal potential client? Have you thought this through? Do you know who they are and what they need? Is your site providing them with an experience that is likely to have them engaging with you?In this time of lightning fast communications via texting, apps, and various social media properties, these fundamental considerations can get lost.For most business models, the website is still a critical point of contact for both current and potential clients...
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    January Press Release Special by TKC

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